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mamma , 07 May 2009

I just want to be able to stop this for good

I picked a little last night. I think it was in the middle of the night. The urge was strong before I went to bed. I started looking at my arms. scanning them for something. Then I saw the spot. I small little bump/barely a pimple. I wanted to pop it so bad. I had the door open so my fiance could see me. I do that on purpose so I am less likley to pick. He had to tell me to stop because he saw me looking at my arms a couple of times. I barely got out of the bathroom without picking. I think it was around 2am that I woke up to use the bathroom. I was half asleep. I looked at the spot and I tried to pop it. It didn't really pop so I kind of just ripped it off. Then the need to squeeze/pop became to overpowering I started to scan the rest of my arms. I tried just a couple of spots then was able to force myself to stop. So today is a new day. I am trying not to be to hard on myself but i always feel so mad at myself after I do it. I would have had seven days without picking today. I guess I need to be grateful that I did not go on a huge binge of picking. There are only a couple small marks on my arms. I just want to be able to stop this for good. I am going to sign up for the online therapy they have abailable through this website. Hope it helps......

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