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Tjwantsclearskin , 21 Dec 2014


I'm 49 and I've had cystic acne my whole life. I've tried everything to heal. Different things have helped but never actually stopped the acne from happening. Recently I read about Biotin and how it helps hair growth and skin. So I tried 7500 mcg of Biotin ........... Serious I've had zero cystic bumps in 10 days! I'm not selling a brand I'm not selling anything. I just wanted to share my experience. Maybe this will help someone.

1 Answer
December 22, 2014

Please try Biotin 7500 mcgs!! I had these cyst bumps all my life. Lots of things helped heal but nothing kept me from getting the sores to begin with. Until I tried BIOTIN... I can't shout it enough. Try it and see if it helps the sores from starting to begin with. If you don't have the bump to begin with it won't be there to pick..... Please try. It helped me... NO new Places for TWO..... TWO solid weeks!! Plus when I started taking it my skin healed on its own. I could tell the difference in three days. It's usually takes at least 3 weeks for my skin to heal!

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