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csk47 , 30 Dec 2014

Scar treatment

I have been picking for only two years but already have some quite noticeable raised scars on my legs and arms. In reading various posts on this forum people recommend products in general terms but I would like to know the names of specific products that have helped lighten, flatten and reduce scars. I see a variety of Mederma products, silicon pads, etc. Do they work well? Some mentioned just using a creme with aloe and vitamin E.
I don't mind spending the money to achieve positive results but please tell me the actual products that have worked best.

1 Answer
January 03, 2015

I've tried the silicone pads, silicone liquid and vitamin E Oil and haven't had much luck. However, I have used Accuvere (found by acne products) that closes up or drys up an open pick, pretty quick. It burns but dries it up. Also, I'm no expert just a picker, so I dont know if its not good for the sore or not. I just used it when I needed to close up a sore quickly so it wasnt wet. Hope this helps. If you find something for scarring let us know. One more thing, I have a microabrasion kit that I will try once my picking area's are healed enough. :-)

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