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221bi , 04 Jan 2015

Skin picking, hair pulling, occasional hair eating, nose picking, nail biting...

I seem to have it all... Ah...
I'm 17, I'm agender, my sexuality is a big question mark.
I bit my nails till I was 13. I stopped with a help from a manicurist. But picking at the skin around my nails continued. Till I was about 16. Now I'm in recovery from nail biting and going to a manicurist to make my nails look better and all.
I've been picking at my skin since forever probably. My first memory of picking was when I was 10 or 9. I had some acne on my upper arms then and I just picked and picked. Then I had acne on my face and I haven't stopped picking since. I now have band-aids on my face...
I started pulling my hair about a year ago. In three days I had a bald patch. For a couple of months I had to wear a beanie every day. It got better but then it got worse about a week ago and now I have a huge bald patch and I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow to shave my head. I pull from the top of my head, my left eyebrow, left eyelashes, right armpit. Sometimes I eat the hair roots.
I also pick my nose and... eat it. I never told anyone about it.
I don't know why I'm making this entry. I just wanted to share this with someone.

1 Answer
January 04, 2015

I pick my face, my back, my chest, my arms, my legs, my belly... ~Stanisław

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