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Ursidae , 06 Jan 2015

Will picking scabs on scalp lead to permanent hair loss/damage?

Hey everyone. I've been dealing with itching since I was born. About five other family members have eczema.

The few days I came to the conclusion that my eczema likes to travel throughout my body. About four years ago I remember I would only itch behind my calves. The next year after that it moved up towards my thighs covering my entire leg. And the year after that it moved to my arms and not my legs. This year it seems to be only my scalp. I've been itching it like crazy, sometimes bleeding. Whenever I itch a lot of dandruff falls out. Very disgusting. The most "fun" part about itching my scalp is picking out scabs. I'm not sure why I find it appealing but whenever I'm idle and not doing anything I sometimes catch myself automatically searching for scabs without thinking. I've been checking in the mirror lately to see how bad it's gotten and I'm starting to see some hair loss. If I keep it up at this rate I'm surely going to see noticeable hair loss. I'm not hear to ask for solutions since there is a plethora of resources on the internet for that. The reason why I'm hear is to ask if will picking scabs on the scalp repeatedly will lead to permanent hair loss/damage?

I'm really trying to stop but it's freakin' difficult. Thanks all.

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