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Hidingwithinmyself , 13 Jan 2015

Hello there.

Hi. I'm probably younger than most of you but I don't believe age matters; it's maturity that matters most.

Anyhow, I have been picking at my skin for idk...2 years now, maybe 3?
When I saw this website, I thought that perhaps this could help me. One of the things that really helps for me is to connect with people that are similar to me.

I could say that I have recurring eczema and that I also have fairly bad acne (though I don't know how bad it is because I pick at it all the time). I am a usually shy person who also struggles to fight depression. I never like social gatherings because people usually ask 'What's wrong with your face?' and then I get very self-conscious about myself.


I was wondering maybe I could get some suggestions on what to do here.
I really want to stop picking and I don't know how. This is the first time I've actually reached out for help. My face is scarred from my picking of acne, I have so many scars on my legs, and I also have really bumpy skin on my arms that is scarred from picking as well.

I want to thank anyone who takes the time to read an respond to this.

6 Answers
January 14, 2015

I'd actually advise cutting ur nails... and use soap to wash ur face. Use lotion.

January 15, 2015

wear gloves, wear nail polish, put lotion on your hands so that they taste funny, keep your hands busy, wear a rubber band around your wrist and pull on it, squeeze a squich or hacky sack, wear bandaids or put tape on your fingers, keep lights dim so you don't see blemishes, avoid having mirrors around, and take natural supplements. I think that wearing gloves and putting lotion on have been the most successful for me. Keeping your face slippery decreases your ability to pick. Hide picking tools like tweezers, tacks. etc. good luck!!!

February 19, 2015

hello! This will be my last reply for the night, so I will make it good and very helpful for you. Just so you know, I am young too, but I am mature for my age as I have been through a lot and have come out on top. I have been able to stop picking my skin entirely, and I am now on this site to help others as much as I can. First off, I highly suggest that you check out the Celebrate Recovery podcasts for Real Life Church online. If you look up the church on google, and then find the celebrate recovery link, you will then be able to find the highlighted word "here" where it will lead you to the podcasts and you can choose whatever video you would like to watch. I personally attended this church for years, and I know the speaker and his wife personally and they are amazing, helpful people. After you watch those videos, I suggest checking out my pinterest board "Skin Picking Help" where I post daily encouragement, advice, and quotes that can help you, and that have helped me. Also, remember that one thing that you love to do? That healthy hobby? Do it tomorrow. Get out of your own way, and make a way for yourself. Doing what you truly love will not hurt you. You can hurt you. Other people can hurt you. But doing what you love never hurts you. You can put it off, and it is forgiving. You can make it wait without asking, and it is the most patient thing you will ever come by. It will wait for you. It is waiting for you. Go be happy! And don't forget to laugh at yourself for being so silly as to pick your skin for all this time. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. Live. Live. Live. Be free. Enjoy your freedom. Cherish it.

February 19, 2015

Hi there! It is wonderful to have you here with us and so great that you are here to find help! Taking the first step is the bravest thing anyone can do.
First of all, there is never any reason to be shy about skin. Studies have shown the first thing people notice about another person are their eyes and their smile. With a beautiful smile everyone will be so dazzled that they won't even notice your skin. Use foundation, too, if it helps confidence (it helps me ;-)).
Second: Something that has really saved me is lemongrass oil. Instead of picking my skin, I put lemongrass essential oil on the spots before I go to bed (make sure you buy the 100% pure or 'therapeutic' one). It stings a little, but it dries them out overnight! Beautiful. I don't want to pick anymore because I don't have anything to pick! Thyme oil works on acne and eczema both ( Essential oils are way more powerful than any antibiotic or 'anti-acne creams' I have tried!
Third: Be fair to yourself! Acne is normal and reasonable - I am in my 30's and suddenly have acne again (grr...), but it's all normal and natural. I drink turmeric milk to balance my hormones (here is a reference and that has made my skin much better (here's a tastes great! Of course, going on 'the Pill' or mini-Pill will balance your hormones too, but if you want to go natural, turmeric tea is one great way!
Fourth: Have you considered you might be short of something? A shortage of the vitamins B and D can lead to eczema and other skin conditions. So try eating lots of salmon and tuna (or if you're vegan, then whole grains, yeast and avocados and mushrooms)! Grapefruit and tomatoes will add the vitamin C to help the scars heal.

Wishing you all the bestest!

February 21, 2015

You've got to make the decision to STOP. Set a day and time within a few days from now, and get a few accountability people. Your parents, an older sibling, a responsible/mature friend, all make good choices for accountability people. They can help you by being by your side during your recovery to motivate, encourage and comfort you. Keep a journal to write down your daily successes (and failures), and try new methods if the one you're using isn't working. Don't give up and don't give in! Btw, if you are taking Adderall or Ritilin or something similar, these amphetamines can cause skin picking or exacerbate picking.

February 21, 2015

Just be careful with the grapefruit if you are on medications for other conditions. Some of them advise you not to eat grapefruit when taking them. Good Luck!!!

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