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cecilia , 07 May 2009

Skin Doctor Tomorrow...

Help! I'm 18 years old and I've had a problem with picking for quite some time. I pick mostly at my face and my back... my back is HORRIBLE. I have scars and red spots ALL over my back... it is a disgusting sight. :(:( Anyway, I have an appointment with the dermatologist tomorrow because I have a mole or two I wanted to get checked out. I'm so nervous! Do you usually have to get in a robe thing for dermatologist appointments? What if he discovers my back? What if he doesn't know about skin picking disorders and is so appalled? WHAT DO I DO? I kind of want to tell him... but I don't want him to make me see a therapist... or worse... tell my parents! I'm already so humiliated and I haven't even gone yet :(.
1 Answer
May 08, 2009
defenitly go to your dermatoligist appointment. If somone else knows what is gooing on they can help u. If you want to stop doing this to yourself then you have to tell somebody. Once I was able to let this out it was a relief and I was able to get the help I needed.... I hope everythings goes well. Keep me updated.

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