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blackbird_8 , 26 Jan 2015

New here, love the community

Well hello there. I am 20 years old and started picking my face about two years ago. I didn't realize I had this obsession until about 8 months ago, and haven't been able to find any support. My close friends really don't get it and just tell me to stop, and I'm like obviously I would if I could! I have really done a number on my face, its skin tone is so uneven from past scabs that I hate looking in mirrors. I set a resolution not to pick everyday, only to fail within a few hours. I've also been around the block with most products. I quit going to the dermatologist because they were no help and I know that I'm causing my acne/scarring/scabbing, so no prescription is going to fix that. Just today though, I bought Vitamin K cream and Rosewater mist, and I always get my hopes up that it is my miracle product. I just feel stuck and could use some support, advice, motivation, anything. Because I know the people on here get what it feels like to damage yourself and not be able to stop. Or at least it's not easy to stop, I should say. Thank you in advance and I'm so glad I found this place!

2 Answers
January 26, 2015

Welcome to the forum. I've found this place really helpful and inspiring to hear how people are managing to deal with this awfu condition the best they can. That's what we're all doing, trying to do the best we can to heal - both our external wounds and ibtern struggles. It makes such a massive difference to have the support here. Other people don't understand, how could they? But here we are all dealing with the same issues and can support each other through it. I'm currently trying to let some awful self I inflicted facial wounds heal after a terrible 3 week mammoth picking relapse and it's so hard to resist the urge to 'fix' what I have done but when I get the urge to pick I try to come here instead and either post or just read others posts. Good luck with your healing and stay present on the forum. It does help.

February 02, 2015

Welcome Blackbird8. I'm new to this community myself but I've already found comfort and great suggestions from the people here. After struggling with this picking for 28 years, I can't stress to you enough how important it is for you to follow through with seeking help. Whether it's gathering and implementing ideas from this website or seeking professional help from a near by Psych doctor. It's not an issue that you want to put on the 'back burner'. (not that you have) Back in my early 20's I began to see a counselor that labeled my skin and pimple picking as OCD. (which I think would now be considered an out dated label for this type of ritual). For treatment, she would have my 'significant other' write down what I was feeling in the middle of an episode and how strong on a scale of 1-10 the urge was to pick. After a short while in therapy, my counselor moved out of state and I was unable to continue with any therapy. I do think it helped to recognize what feelings were bringing about the picking and I think if I would have been able to keep going with the therapy I may have been able to break free! So I guess what I'm saying is don't give up! Something that has helped me in the past is, concerning looking into mirrors for pimples to pick (which is a HUGE problem I have) I have draped a hand towel over the bath mirror or taped a piece of construction paper over the mirror at the beginning of the day. For me, it serves as a stop sign because it disrupts my picking train of thought. Also it's easier not to pick when you can't see yourself. I find if my mirror isn't covered I will look in it every time I enter the bathroom, even when I'm not in a picking rut. Not because I'm vain, because I definitely don't think I'm 'all that' but because that's just a habit you get into when your a picker! So what I've been doing lately is trying not to look towards the mirror at all when I walk in the bathroom unless I'm doing it to get ready to go somewhere. I'm hoping after practicing this for a long time I while help myself prevent the picking episodes that start by me just looking in the mirror for something to do and start to pick out of boredom. Sorry for being so long winded! Just want to help! Keep pressing on Blackbird 8 we are with you!

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