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Eskimo999 , 15 Feb 2015

i need help

Hi all. I have been picking my skin for 15 years and now I use pins, tweezers and even nail cuticle clippers which all cause so much damage! When I do it i am in the zone but after wards i look awful. Massive bloody infected holes in my face. I started chemical peels and pixel laser costing thousands but i sabotage it all by picking. I dont want to do it any more. My boyfriend and friends wont directly bring it up but hint to me they are so disappointed in me. I am so sad and depressed. Can someone please help me

5 Answers
February 15, 2015

-keep your face moist so it is harder to pick
-keep squeezing toys all over the house and car
-twirl a ring around your finger
-wear gloves whenever possible
-massage hands instead of picking face
-massage head instead of picking
-put bandaids or tape on fingers
-keep busy so you don't think about picking
-be around others so you don't engage in picking
-got to directly to bed so you don't pick
-hide mirrors
-clench fists repeatedly
-keep track of what provokes you to pick
-go to local support group

Hope those ideas help!! Good luck!

February 15, 2015

I am considering seeing a dermatologist to have a procedure done to reduce scaring. Which procedure did you find to be most effective for the picking scars? Of course I will consult with the dermatologist, but I am interested in the procedures that others from this forum tried. Thank you

February 16, 2015

Hi. Thank you for your advice i will start tonight. I have just opened up 2 scabs and pulled out 2 plugs of pus. I now look a mess. It was habit i came home from work and went straight to it! I am so ashamed. My boyfriend came home and didn't say anything but his look said it all.
The best treatment was a course of chemical peels followed by 4 pixel laser treatments. The pixel laser is the best for scars. I have deep scars and after the first one i saw a difference. The chemical peels are only good for shallow scarring.
After spending nearly £2000 on treatments i still pick and i am so embarrassed.
Have you stopped?
Thank you again for your advice its so nice to be able to talk to someone.

February 18, 2015

Thank you for sharing your concerns...those of us to whom they feel very familiar are glad to read that they are not alone! I had a bad picking habit, but then I read here
about using lemongrass oil on acne (it seriously kills staphylococcus stone dead, like it says in the article), and because I have something to put on the spots that dries them out overnight, I don't pick anymore (or really, really rarely)! Hope that helps.
Love and blessings,

February 19, 2015

I have been able to stop picking my skin entirely. I had help from the Celebrate Recovery podcasts at real life church in valencia, ca. Just look it up on google, and then click the link for celebrate recovery and then you will see the highlighted word "here" where you will then be able to view the podcasts.

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