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cankster , 09 May 2009

My 9yr old daughter will not stop picking

My 9yr old daughter has the habit of picking the skin from her hands and now she has sores and cuts all over. How on earth do we break it. We have tried gloves, sewing her pyjamas, squeezy balls, punishments/rewards and the doctor all to no avail. She has excezma and is mildly dyspraxic. She tends to do it more when she is bored, in time out or stressed. But how do we stop it. Don't know what to do to help her please help
1 Answer
May 11, 2009
Hello, I'm so sorry to hear that your 9 years old daughter has picking all over her body. I have a same age as your daughter due to the pickings. You shouldn't punish her when she constanly picks but it will help her to puts the cream on before she goes to bed at night and in the morning, she can use the cream on if she wants to. She shouldn't have a time-out because you feel like to nelgeclted to her. Make sure you will loves her in every way just like my mom did that to me and try talk to her out of it. I think that really helps when talking is a good starts. I think the doctor doesn't seem much understand of your daughter's conditions. Mabye, you should get her a another doctor or a family doctor that she have been pickings or even worse a infections. Oh, and. did you have a neoporin or polyporin? Because it will heals fast on her skins and make sure to puts the bandaids on and it should take a couple of days to heal fast enough. Just let me know how she does at these days? Hang in there! I know she will stay strong to get through this...

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