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heveans_gate , 16 Feb 2015

Its getting in the way of my life!

How can I stop? My mom is begging me to stop so is my dad. I have a goal that i want my skin to heal to wear a dress. But i still am picking.

4 Answers
February 16, 2015

I wish someone close to me would ask me to stop. I think my picking embarasses them all. I want to stop but I feel powerless. Have you ever tried to stop before x

February 18, 2015

Hi heavens_gate! Thank you for sharing your story! Those of us who have had similar experiences take strength from your strength! I know you can stop. I think in a way it's a little stressy to have your parents begging you to stop (I know for myself, when I had an eating disorder, my parents getting involved made things harder, not easier, but maybe that's just me ;-)). For me, my issue with skin-picking was helped a lot by putting lemongrass oil on the spots when they turned up - I read here about how it kills staph infections, and I can tell you it dries up spots overnight!
I also started singing positive affirmations from Loiuse Hay in the morning on my way to work (yes, that sounds weird, but singing makes it fun), and the fact that my life got happier (as a result of the positive affirmations I was doing) made me stop even thinking about picking.
One last thing - try increasing the vitamin C and omega 3 levels in your diet (I did it by eating laods of cherry tomatoes, grapefruit and tuna - you could try Salata Caprese for lunch (the basil is also great and helps stress!)). The body needs Vitamin C and fatty acids to keep the skin healthy
I know you can overcome this!
Love and blessings,

February 19, 2015

There is no perfect day to stop picking. A dress is not enough motivation for you. I decided on a regular old Wednesday that I was done. And I am. You can't say you will stop. I will try to stop. I am trying to stop. I'm working on it. That is no way to convince your brain that you are DONE. Tell yourself everyday: I am beautiful. I am no longer going to hurt myself. Look in the mirror in the morning and say, "Good morning, beautiful." Then smile. Then LEAVE. Wave good-bye to yourself in the mirror. Pick a day to stop. Even if you messed up that morning. You can choose to stop at any time, at any moment. Most importantly, remember that Jesus wants you to see yourself the way he sees you. Please feel free to follow my "Skin Picking Help" board on pinterest. God Bless

March 02, 2015

Oh I so am with you! It gets in the way of my life and my KIDS beg me to stop! I hate that. I absolutely hate it. I've told them not to let me do it and so they tell me to stop and I can't. Literally can't.

Kathryn I LOVE your singing the affirmations! I'm totally going to do that. "I feel safe to be me" "I express my emotions in joyous and positive ways"

leaving - mirror work is SO important for us. Truly probably one of the best habits I have tried to cultivate is speaking to myself in the mirror instead of picking. Looking myself in the eyes and saying "I love you, you are beautiful" brings tears to my eyes every time. I think when it doesn't I'll be well.

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