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Demirose , 26 Mar 2015

Excessive split end puller

Hey everyone I'm new im crying Bc I know I'm not alone. I've been doing this for many years maybe since 13 and I'm 37 this year. I now hid from my family so they won't judge me. I had to result to weave so I won't pull all my hair out and my weave has some split ends to satisfy me. I have found myself doing it for hours at a time hiding in the bathroom. I'm afraid to go to doctors about from fear of meds and being labeled but I know it's a prob

1 Answer
March 27, 2015

Aww sorry you are having a bad day - I think all of us can understand the shame that comes with CSP. Especially with family - they are the first ones to say it's a bad habit. Don't be afraid to get help. I went in for CSP several years ago (we are the same age). You can share your concerns with the doctor and refuse to take medicine. His reply was "well sometimes that is people in your situation have to do to improve their quality of life - bla bla bla something like that" He wanted to put me on a pretty high dose of Zoloft/Xanex - and I simply told him I wasn't going to take it. So I was referred to a neuropsychiatrist. This helped me - because it wasn't the typical "behavioral therapy" were they tell you to pick a new hobby such as crocheting to keep your hands busy. Instead, it helps you understand what is going on in your brain during the behavior and you can try to find other activities that will give you that "must fix this" sensation. Now, I am not CSP free - BUT I am able to control it a lot more/even stop it for some period and feel more confident in talking about this issue with my loved ones (which I never did before). So professional help did make a difference - considering I never took medicine for CSP. Just keep in mind - if this is a problem you had your whole life - it will take more than a month to cure it. Hope this helps! feel better :)

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