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FOP , 29 Mar 2015

Forehead picking

I've read a few comments on this forum about the use of calamine lotion for relief of itching and sore(s) healing. My 31 year old son has been through the ringer with multiple dermatologists only to be told there is nothing they can do because he tests negative for all bacterial diseases. Not one has mentioned dermatillomania or anything about compulsive picking but, after reviewing readings on the homepage and others, I am sure that is the correct diagnosis. He is significantly depressed and seems to be unwilling to try calamine lotion because of past discouragements with other medications. I am hoping to hear any positive results using calamine lotion to give him hope or any other practical remedies. Thank you, FOP

1 Answer
May 05, 2015

Im new and have just taken the advice of this calamine lotion. its technically used for relief of any rash caused by a poisonous plant like ivy or sumac, but relieves the itching sooooo much. itll relieve the itching for at least a few hours, and should be applied again after that. i ended up forgetting once and pulled the scabs on my forehead pretty quickly.

i didnt notice the healing going quicker, though, so for me its just preventive of itching.

its actually given me some hope that i can stop this, since the itch is such a big factor.

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