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spirit_shadow , 20 May 2015

i feel different.

I'm 23, male. I have been picking my hands and feet compulsively for about 7 years now although now that I think about it I have had the condition all my life(would pick every single scab I have ever gotten,let it form another scab then repeat till the scab was gone). Anyway I feel different then most people with this condition due to the fact that I accept it and honestly don't care what people think. When they ask I tell them, their opinion doesn't matter to me. I have self medicated over the Years, I have tried everything from antidepressants to psilocybin. The one thing that completely takes my urge away is xanax but I refuse to take it because my tolerance builds up super fast and the withdrawals are not worth it. Psilocybin works well too due to the fact you are out of your mind for about 8 hours, and I find that I don't pick for at least two days after dosing. But alas it is not a permanent solution because you can't do it every day. All that being said, my only advice is to try meditating. You are only as strong as you let yourself be.

Best wishes and good luck my friends.

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