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Annoyed picker , 27 May 2015

A little crazy thing

So before you criticize how young I am (14) I have a bit more social skills than the average 14 year old. But I realized that I've been starting to form dead skin. I started peeling the ones that formed on my hands and feet but now I've gone crazy about picking it. Dead skin had started to form right on the skin on my cuticles and started picking it hoping they can come off. But now I've started biting the skin, pulling the skin, and even tearing the skin off. Now I'm obsessed and making the cuticles bleed. My dad keeps telling me that when I leave my hand soaking in warm water the dead skin cells will soften where I can pull them off easily. But after this skin habit I don't listen to my dad and keeping ripping them off. Now my cuticles are completely sore and my dad and I don't know what to do.

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