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What causes CSP?


December 26, 2007

uvinerse I doubt its hereditary. But its a definite possibility. It being genetic is also another possibility. In my opinion tho, its definitely mental or psychological. The most often reasons are stress, boredom and depression. Another reason is self injury to feel "more alive" or going thru a kind of "rebirth" like shedding one's skin. Some sufferers go thru skin picking subconsciously, or sometimes seemingly unintentionally, they then become more aware of their actions, but opt instead to continue until they are completely satisfied that they have successfully removed (picked) all known blemishes on a particular body part/s, a sort of achievement similar to "feeling more alive "is felt. A sort of "temporay high" is achieved. Endorphines being released is another possibility if a sufferer has gone thru a strenuous session of picking. Another reason is ,psychologically, sufferers feel that they are making themselves look better even if they are aware that they are actually making things worse. The compulsion feels a lot like grooming to a sufferer but with the undesired results.