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eczemapicker , 16 May 2009

Eczema and picking

Hello all. I just came across CSP today and can't believe there are so many other people out there who do the 'picking' thing. Does anyone who picks have eczema? If so any advice for me? My boyfriend, friends and family are getting increasingly frustrated with my picking - face, arms, shoulders, back, legs, bum, everywhere I think I use my eczema as an excuse to justify the scabes when in fact it would probably go away quickly if I left it. Any advice or your stories about CSP and eczema would be great. Laura
2 Answers
May 03, 2013
An eczema is not a single skin disease, but a group of skin problems that have the same characteristics, like irritation and inflammation. The most common type of eczema is the atopic eczema. When the skin becomes jaundiced (yellow or orange) and the whites of the eye take a yellow colour as well there is most likely an issue with the gall bladder
May 05, 2013
I have eczema and I have dermatillomania which means I'm an obsessive compulsive skin picker. Do not scratch your eczema I know its hard but you have to stop itching. I am stopping itching my eczema and picking my invisible bumps, lumps, spots, pimples, white heads and red marks, today.Wear gloves everywhere you go even if its hot. So when you look at your gloves you will remind yourself why you have them on and the reason you have your gloves on is so you will not scratch or pick at your once amazingly beautiful skin. Also make sure to cut your nails so short that you can't scartch or pick at your skin. Warning do not replace gloves with socks it will cause red itchy, dirty hands. If cotton gloves irratate your skin try using rubber gloves. Tell yourself I will not take my gloves of even in the shower/ bath, eating, drinking, coooking, studing or even sleeping until I learn that picking and scraching effects my skin dramatically. Tell yourself that the gloves are a part of you now and I will not take them of, stay strong. Your gloves are your hands for now just till you stop picking and scratching at your own skin.Cotton gloves work better. When you realise that most or some of your friends, boyfriend, family and others don't do this even if they have OCD which stands for: obsessive compulsive disorder and excema I have both these things too and they will fade if you stop now and leave them alone please I'm begging you to stop. Try going onto I tryed it and this really works. Put a rubber band on your wrist and everytime you even think of picking your skin or scratching it pull it back and snap the rubber band. If you do itch because its driving you nuts then if you are 20 years old I know this sounds a bit silly but it works stand up for 20 minutes and think about what you did and how it effected your skin do the same with picking. For example if your 10 years old have time out for ten minutes for irritating your own special skin same if your 40 years old stand up for 40 minutes in a corner and think about how this will leave scarring that stays forever and blood. Do not use electronics, eat, sleep or even figit in time out this is your time to reflect on your actions. Obviously do not pick or scratch in time out because if your 30 years old and you stand for 30 minutes and pick even once then you have to stand their for 60 minutes which is an hour no talking just thinking. Get what I mean, everytime you pick or scratch add your age like if your 18 and you pick once do 18+18= 36 or like 18x2= 36 thats 36 minutes time out so half and hour and 6 minutes time to reflect on your horrible picking aand scratching. If you pick three times during time out and your 65 years old then do 65+65+65= 195 or 65x3= 195 minutes time out so thats three hours and 15 minutes time out or 3.25 the 25 is out of 100. Thats another of the many reasons why you need maths. I know time out makes you want to laugh at your age but please believe me it works you don't have to tell anyone about it except for your nails to stop scatching and picking or else.You should eventually get the point and stop picking and scartching your own skin. BTW I am a 15 year old teenage girl who is trying to control my Eczema and Dermatillomania and not let it get to me or control me.

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