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lala123 , 29 May 2015

my skin is so up and down

My skin goes from bad to good to bad to good ALL THE TIME. I swear some days I will go out with no foundation and only a little bit of mascara. and then other days I have a war zone on my face. when I get one pimple sometimes big sometimes small I try to fix it and pop it and I guess I'm just a perfectionist. I don't want it to be there. I want my skin to be clear. That little popping leads to another pimple coming and to be honest I just don't even know how but two days later ill have all these scabs!! sometimes worse than others, eventually they will go away and then come back again. I wish i could just stop. I sit on my toilet in my mirror and just scrape and peel in hopes to fix it all when its bad. SO embarrassed right now of my skin because i had to wear a bunch of makeup to a meeting today to keep it from being noticed. even though it obviously was.. I always pick, and i just can't stop. it is so frustrating i just don't know how to stop my hands from going up there. thankfully I don't have any permanent scars YET.. but I'm afraid if i keep it up i soon will.. :/

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May 31, 2015

I know how you feel.. Some days my skin is breakout free - only a few scabs and generally looking pretty OK. Only some few scars needs concealing... But then I can suddenly feel a bump, that feels like an upcoming pimple - and I try to pick it out... I succeed - but then it gets inflamed and even worse.... SIGH. I can often loose control and then my face looks like a war zone too. I've tried having a kitchen-timer in the bathroom to stop me from spending 10-20-30 minutes in front of the mirror. It is the hardest when I'm home alone or don't have anything to do. I pick from boredom - it is SO HARD to stop!!! >:( Like you I don't have any permanent scars either - only hyper pigmentation in a few places...
I know the feeling of wearing a lot of makeup, the effort of trying to cover it all up kind of loses its purpose when everyone can see that is bad underneath.. Mineral makeup helps though - and Aquaphor as a spot treatment for the scabs. :-)

June 03, 2015

glad im not the only one, haha. we just have to be strong.. thanks : )

June 05, 2015

You definitely are not alone! Im a guy, 30 now and up to 23 i had pretty bad skin most of the time, better in the 20s but still, i would have some really bad spots which i couldn't keep my fingers away from, even the smaller ones fell victim to my hands! I always thought if i can see it in the mirror so can everyone else i go out to see, walk past and its just the worst thing, painful. There were times i wouldn't leave home for ages, take time off work just so i could stay home and treat my skin.. I cant help picking one bit, and that hasn't really changed! My skin though has, and since my early-mid 20s i have periods of 3-4 months of great skin, not a blemish in sight, loving life and then BAM! I get one and take it down, the skin comes off and i'm left with a bright red watery open wound, i HATE having spots more than anything in life! Id then have this for 1- 1.5 - weeks IF i left it alone, let it scab over, and when i washed be really careful to keep it that way, and also not to take the top off with a towel. Id use a skin healing gel, not only does it help it heal quick but keeps it from being too dry. Id keep a thick layer covering it over night and wash it off in the morning, massive difference i swear, then after washing rub a small amount in during the working day and repeated the process. Ask yourself how does a bad graze on your leg heal? BY ITSELF. putting different products onto an open wound even on your face to help it heal a lot of the time does the opposite and slows the healing process down. If i pick at mine when its starting to heal i end up adding an extra 1-2 weeks to the healing process and start all over again! Not good, not cool, i could literally kick myself in the face for doing that. I get this problem about 4times a year now.... I use mens clinique products which are really good. You have to think about this.... When you go for one blemish with your two fingers DO NOT start hunting down the others on your face, you are only spreading the badness. The key to red spots or bumps is not to break the skin, if there's a head, carefully pop it out but anything else, LEAVE ALONE and do not squeeze anymore. The best product for when you can feel or see a red bump starting to form is CLINIQUE anti blemish solutions spot treatment gel. A thin layer of that WITHOUT squeezing once for a few days and it will disappear like it was never there. I know its so hard to pick but the only way they will heal is if you leave them to hel, its that simple. The more you mess with an open skin wound from a spot the longer it will be visible on your face, If Nike had a slogan for spots.... Let it heal

September 15, 2015

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