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beetlegirl1993 , 03 Jun 2015

Lush Products that have helped.

So I still haven't been able to stop picking. My parents are going through a divorce right now, and my stress levels are at an all time high, but I work at this place called Lush and have found some of their products have really helped my skin if I actually use them. So here is a list of products that I like and what they have done for me. I feel like I can't help myself right now, but if anyone wants to buddy up and hold each other accountable I would love to chat with someone.

These are the Lush products I will recommend though. These are my top important products, and then I listed others that might help as well.

You Snap the Whip: In shower body butter with charcoal. Great for body acne and arms with KP. Charcoal draws toxins out of the body.
King of Skin: In shower body butter with banana and avocado. This is a product rich with nutrients that has helped heal my scaring and lesson my KP.
Lovely Jubilees: Breast Cream. Has helped tone, and heal my scars.
Dream Cream: Lotion. The oatmilk and lavender helps sooth redness and dryness.
Vanilla D Lite: Lotion. A light lotion that has lemon in it, and has helped heal my scars.
Tender is the Night: Massage bar that has MuruMuru a vitamin E rich butter. All the massage bars are great, but this one takes the cake for healing scars.

Herbalism: Clay based cleanser that helped with my acne prone skin.
Fresh Farmacy: Soap based cleanser to reduce redness, and shrink my pores.
9 to 5: Lotion Based cleanser that removes my makeup and heals my scabs.
Skin Shangri La: Face moisturizer that is really rich and has helped heal my skin.
Vanishing Cream: Face moisturize that is light and helps with scaring, shrinking my pores and clearing blemishes.
Grease Lightning: Spot treatment. I use this all over my face at night if I have a bad break out and wake up with clear skin. Or I use it as a primer.
Full of Grace: Serum bar with antioxidants and vitamin E. This thing soothes my skin if I was just picking at it, helps healing my scars and even made my eyes look younger.

Other nice products:
Ocean Salt: Face and Body Scrub. Has lime for brightening dark scars, and salt to exfoliate.
Bubbleroons: Rose Jam, Green, and Yuzo and Cocao are great bubble baths that calm the skin after an intense picking session.
Dark Angels: Face wash that has coal and helps draw toxins out of the skin.

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