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nastyab , 09 Jun 2015

Are we all just a bunch of perfectionists?

When I was a teen I had bad acne. I didn't know his to deal so I picked at it. I dreamed of having clear beautiful skin like the popular girls and those cool kids in movies. Now, as an adult my skin is pretty good. I take very good care of it.

However, I do get occasional pimples here and there. Even if it is just a little blackhead, it drives me insane because in my twisted mind I am still that sad pimply teenager yearning for perfection. I am obsessed with having perfect skin and still cannot accept that I never will. My hormones and genetics will keep giving me occasional pimples for the rest of my life.

Still, when I see those little blackheads I have to squeeze them up to "clean up" my face. Unfortunately, often I make everything worse and deal with a wound and then an acne mark. Why can't I just leave those little blackheads alone? Other ppl probably wouldn't even notice them. But I do. And if I don't squeeze them right away I get anxious and obsessive until I give into my urges. Guess, perfectionism and OCD may be to blame for our problem. What do you guys think?

7 Answers
June 10, 2015

yeah that sounds like me!! My skin really isn't that bad but when I see one little pimple I go for it to make my face perfect! seriously sometimes I get these zit/pimples that are my skin color, not even red or puffy I can just see they're there and i squeeze them and the next day i literally have a scab lol so annoying. Im major OCD though. Clean and sort through my room every single day finding ways to make it better and prettier so I guess it does attribute to OCD!

July 03, 2015

I'm the exact same way. I actually have naturally great skin--people used to comment on how 'flawless' it was--and now my arms are covered in scars. It's so sad that I've done this to myself...

July 08, 2015

For me it was about understanding skin, pores, treatments and how they work. I now know that picking causes scars and it's a vicious cycle. I have learned patience and know that the pimple will eventually go away. Picking and popping them will cause inflammation scarring and worse. I found that for me keeping my face clean, my fingers hands clean, fingers away from my teeth and scalp all helped. I like using the face wash cleaning wipes or small alcohol pads to tap on my pimples during the day ( no pressure no breaking of the skin). At night I wash my face before bed, apply clindamycin phosphate Benzoyl Peroxide gel 1%/5% prescription strength from my dermatologist to just the pimple spots. ( I even apply this prescription gel on the pimples for a few hours and then wash off with a face wash (when I don't feel like sleeping with the treatment on my face) . Nizoral shampoo helped with my scalp picking habits. I used Nizoral only a few times a week, the other days I would just warm water rinse or use a mild shampoo. The Nizoral shampoo helped with my acne around my hairline cheeks and jaw ( did not irritate my face skin at all). For moisturizer I like Cetaphil Lotion . I've tried so many things and the above has helped me stop my biting, picking urges that I've had for years and years. I hope this helps you. There is hope. Keep trying. I see many others out there biting and picking in public and hiding their hands. I totally get it....good luck all the best...

July 09, 2015

My problem is that I can't stand scabs... I have to pull them off so that my skin is "smooth". It looks worse but feels better... Anyone else feel this way?

July 20, 2015

I think there is a drive for perfection in a lot of these cases including my own. I struggled with understanding beauty for the longest time. I am an attractive woman and I have a great body which I am proud of, and because of certain things that happened to me in the past, i began to pick my face in order for men to look at me less or for not as long. I hoped they would think, " Oh, she has a great body, but her face is fucked up" How sad is that. After a long while, I decided that I wanted to embrace being a woman completely. I didn't want to get older and think- why am i still doing this to myself. I know i am beautiful but i haven't felt it on so long. I think the problem lies where we don't feel beautiful because we don't think we look perfect enough based on our views of what perfection is. Over time I have learned that no one is perfect. A girl who may have perfect skin, may have a hemorrhoid waterfall coming out of her ass- or stretch marks all over her stomach, or a horrible anger problem that makes her ugly. I personally have hemorrhoids and stretch marks- but not super bad- but maybe somebody has it worse than I do. I t doesn't match up with the world'd idea of perfection- but I don't think that it makes me any less beautiful. i think if I feel beautiful- then that is a perfectly good feeling to have no matter how I look. I just can't let anyone- not even myself- rob me of that feeling and happiness.

July 24, 2015

Thank you everyone for sharing. Seems the best thing to do for me is start accepting my looks and realize I am beautiful, imperfections and all.

October 12, 2015

So true! Same is the case with me, I am obsessed to have a beautiful skin all the time, but its not possible as far as we take proper care of ourselves. The environmental wear and tear doesn't allow us to let out skin be perfect, that is why I use organic products to deal with my skin tone. I love using Image skincare products, as it suits me the most and letting my dark spots hide. I have a beautiful skin now.

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