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Angelina , 21 Jun 2015

How to finally stop picking your skin…

I picked at my skin for 32 years. Anxiety fueled My picking. At times in my life when I had high anxiety I would pick at my face for eight hours straight in the mirror. I would enter a trance like state where I would forget where I was. The trance would break when my hands were too tired to pick and I could not move them anymore. if you are on this site you already know what comes after the picking..... Shame, guilt, more anxiety, depression etc..I finally reached a point where I really wanted to stop.
The link above will change your life if you are really ready to stop picking. I would suggest taking an antibiotic while you are trying to break the habit because it will help reduce the temptation to pick if your face is clear. Getting your anxiety under control is also extremely important. Meds, exercise, meditation,,, whatever works for you.

3 Answers
August 13, 2015

I relapsed! Ugh! I am going to try Revia. If it works, I will definitely share the news :)

long road
August 13, 2015

I can completely relate to your post. And You are the best. Thanks for sharing encouragement we will make it through! Much love

September 09, 2015

I have been picking 30 plus years. I can't seem to stop. I have a therapist. I wish there was a miracle strategy out there. Does anyone have in suggestions or strategies that may help. My left leg is tore up. I have scars everywhere. So very frustrating. Need help please!!!!!!!!

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