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picks9876 , 20 May 2009

I'm so irratated!

I just went to talk to my school psychologist last Friday. I told her about every, scab picking and otherwise. Scab picking came last, and before that she seemed iffy on if I really had problems, but as soon as I started telling her about picking she got really interested and acknoledged there's probably something up. I was so excited. I'd finally be getting help. I sucked it up and told a stranger. Come to find out today, I won't be. She called my mom asking if I'd been to the doctor about it. My mom said yes and the doctor said I'm fine. Because of this, the school won't continue to help me. We can't afford it. What makes me so angry is I went to the doctor over six monthes ago for cheast pains from anxiety. Physically I'm alright, but the doctor stated I did eshibit signs of anxiety. My got it completely wrong, and now I will never get help. I told someone about my disgusting issue and now it's just out there...
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May 21, 2009
Hi I just started looking up on the internet this scab picking and found this site. I have been picking for a long time. I don't know why I don't even understand it. I just know that I have a problem. Can anyone tell me how to stop this? Judy
May 21, 2009

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Might be best to start your own thread. :) You can click on a "new post" button above the list of threads. We're all trying to figure out why we do this and how to stop. It's hard, but somehow we'll all figure it out.
May 29, 2009
I went to a dermatologist (because I had some moles I was worried about) and she tried to tell me I had acne. It was bizarre how wrong she was and I was so mad. I wished I had acne--I could do somethign about that! I tried to explain, that no, i didn't really have breakouts, that I just picked at my skin when I am stressed (I didn't tell her how uncontrolable and damaging it can be). She just said, no I have acne. I can't believe she couldn't see that I had scabs all over my face, not zits. As important as it is to be recognized as having a real disorder, you're the only one who really knows what's up with yourself. It is so frustrating to have medical people not really understand, but they are "experts" and can decide what is or is not wrong with you. I hope you eventually are able to find help. Also, doesn't that totally violate dr-patient confidentiality? Sorry that happened to you, it sucks.
June 01, 2009

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It doesn't violate dr.-patient because I gave her permission. She was just talking to other pschologists to see if they were thinking the same thing as her. It just makes me so mad that now, after telling some one in depth about it, about how I pick and save them, how it's not that they itch, I just want to pull them, I told her all that and I gave her permission to talk and now I'm not getting help and people I don't know know about it. I'm dong better (on the issue, not scab picking :D). I think I'm going to start counceling soon, and hopefully bring this up.
May 29, 2009
I am sorry that the person you told did not really understand. It is very fustrating that the medical feild seems to have such little knowledge on this.I have had a similar experience. I was going to a counselor about my drug addiction and I started being open about my picking. She really had no clue. I do think it is good though that you told someone, starting to reach out more. Hang in there. Keep writing and reading on this forum. Hopefully we can help eachother! : )
June 01, 2009

In reply to by mamma

It's the most irratating because it's not an issue you can just come out and state. It's odd that I envy those diagnosed with ADD/ADDHD, or OCD, or Asburguers, and so on, but they can generally say what's up without getting a sickened glare. Really, how do you come out and say I compulsively pick at my scabs, or try to explain why you have so many scars on your leg, or why, although you got cut last month, the scab is still there and looking infected? My aunt thinks I just itch a lot, so I go along with that, but when she says "stop scratching!" I want to yell, I'M NOT SCARTCHING. IT DOESN'T ITCH! I'M PICKING! Then she always tries to get me to put the anti-itching stuff on it, which obviously doesn't help, so she can't understand when I decline it. I know my scab picking is probably more than CSP. I have high anxiety, stress and perfectionism that plays in, but I wish people would understand the CSP does exist.
June 02, 2009
Maybe you could try talking to your school psychologist again and ask if you can speak with her privately and in complete confidentiality. You may want to explain to her that you have had problems with anxiety in the past and that you believe it is affecting your life in many different ways now (whatever they may be, i.e. socially, academically, athletically, etc....I know my anxiety/depression disorder affects all aspects of my life). Also, because picking is not well known, you may want to explain to her that some consider it to be similar to Trichotillomania (pulling out hair), which is a more well known disorder. Also that some studies have linked both to anxiety disorders and O.C.D. In fact, I've read that picking can be considered an impulse disorder, which is under the O.C.D. spectrum. By illustrating specific points and informing her a bit more on your situation maybe she will be able to provide you with some guidance. Also, if possible, you might want to ask your mom if you can see a doctor again, and perhaps one that specializes in treating people with anxiety as opposed to a general practitioner. I wish you all the luck and will keep you in my prayers.

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