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nurseshelly76 , 02 Jul 2015

Picking my boyfriends beard and head

I have such an obsession with picking my boyfriend's skin. Shortly after we started dating he began growing a beard. When he does this, he gets a psoriasis like condition under his beard and mustache. I started picking at it innocently, just to get a piece of loose skin out of the hair, but now I literally peel the skin off. I do it for as long as he allows it, and at times to the point that it bleeds and seeps. I cannot stop myself. In the beginning he let me, but he has started complaining. He Said that it hurts him, and I'm sure it does, but I can't help it. If he has visible areas, it takes everything in my power to stay hands off. I will get close to him and just stare at it, eventually finding an excuse to touch it and I end up picking it. He says I must not care about him since I do it although I know it hurts but I try to explain it isn't something I can control. If he bans me from his face, I will find myself running my nails over his scalp and picking at any type of raised area. I've done it also to the point that a sore forms. I get such a feeling of satisfaction when picking. How do I stop this!!!??? Its becoming a huge problem. I rarely pick at myself, but have my daughters head before.

1 Answer
July 20, 2015

You need to stop. You need some counseling. I think doing this to others is worse than doing this to yourself, because it isn't their choice. You need to apologize to them and straight up admit that you have a problem. They make shock bracelets now a days and i HIGHLY suggest one for you. it's like a shock collar but for your wrist. it costs money but you need it. i mean holy hell I've never heard of something like this. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND where you are coming from though. the shocks will be controlled by your boyfriend or your daughter depending on how old she is. Each time you even move your hand somewhere to pick at them you need a shock. it'll train your brain. you just need to attack this problem hard core. don't take half ass steps.

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