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OmniSekhmet , 22 May 2009

I stopped picking over 2 months ago!!!!!! I am so excited!

How? Partly just replacing the picking with a new obsession (sexwith my Man!!!, and lots of it!!!) And I think mostly from starting on Abilify! I am on Lexapro and Concerta which are an anti-depressant and Ritalin for my ADD, respectively. I have been on them for a long time, but since starting Abilify I was able to just tell myself not to pick, and I DIDN'T PICK!!!! As a reward I am doing microdermabrasion treatments on my arms (only part I can afford for now) and reducing the scars I have created for all these near 40 yrs of picking! I deserve a big pat on the back! I have never neve never been able to pick more than a couple days all these years, so I plan to stay on this med as long as I need to. If I try to go off and I start to feel the compulsion to pick again, I will definitely post here to let you all know. I wish you all find a way to stop! I recommend at least talking to your Dr about Abilify. Good luck to all! OmniSekhmet
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May 22, 2009
I meant that I have never never never been able NOT TO pick for more than a couple days!!! BTW, since I have stopped picking I do still see bumps I used to pick, but nothing like I thought I had! In other words, I relate this to like an anorexic who sees fat that isn't there. And, to help with my bumps I found that using Salicylic Acid once or twice a day really reduces them!!! Try something like Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Use if with a loofah or exfollient every other day, Also, before you go to bed at night wash then wipe the area with something like Clearasil pore cleansing pads (has 2% salicylic acid) and don't rinse off. It is working wonders for me!!!! If you use a product like this know it can lighten your hair where it is applied due to the Peroxide in it. :)

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