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nastyab , 24 Jul 2015

Having Strong Urges to Pick :(

Hi, guys!
I've been good for a couple of weeks but the last few days I've been having serious urges to pick. I am noticing little blackheads, whiteheads and little pimples that are bothering me. A little voice in my head tells me: "C'mon, pick at it. It will make your skin better." I have a big event on Saturday (2 days away) and I just can't afford to have scabs on my face. I'm getting my makeup professionally done, and I don't want the cosmetologist to wonder what the hell is wrong w my skin. I'm trying so hard to keep from squeezing but knowing I have those "impurities" on my face gives me anxiety, and I worry they r going to get worse. :(

Any advice? Or just share your own stories, please. It helps to kno that I'm not alone in this struggle.

2 Answers
July 24, 2015

My advice is the obvious. Don't pick! Your face WILL look worse if you pick. I started picking a pimple on my forehead about ten days ago. It turned into a dime size crater by the time I was done with it. Even though I kept it clean, it got infected. It's still not healed and I think there will be a scar. I KNOW it's not as easy as it sounds "don't pick". Trust me I know. I tell myself this everyday. But the best advice I can give you is to remind yourself how badly that white head or blackhead will look after you've dug your nails into it. Know one else can see those small imperfections but you, but they will see the aftermath if you pick. My other advice is what has been working for me for a long time ( at least on my face- minus this last incident ). It's to learn how to properly care for your skin especially pores. Look into Salycylic Acid 2% ( Oxy wipes ). This sheds the dead layer of skin so there's less to clog your pores (white and black heads). Also look into tea tree oil. This kills bacteria which would likely cause pores to become inflamed (pimples). And change pillow cases often and always use clean towels. Doing all of this just helps me to be proactive and have less stuff to want to pick at. Very last thing. I try to remember how dirty my fingers and nails are on a day to day basis. Think of all the stuff we touch that's covered in germs and then we go and gouge them into our sensitive skin and often open wounds. I know this is not easy. I have no cure or definite answer, I just have found that these few tips have helped and most of all I don't want you to end up with what I have on my face now. I hope I reach you before it's too late. Stay strong!!!

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