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Beth78 , 25 Jul 2015

I joined this forum to tell people that after suffering from skin picking and acne for 20 plus yrs, I finally found a cure.

First post here. Another thread provoked me to join because it really nailed the head on what I'm experiencing. It's those white things buried deep in the skin that make it impossible to stop picking. So because I have OCD, it creates a horrible cycle obsessing over these sores. It's not easy to "just ignore" them because they are painful at times. And ignoring them doesn't make it go away. I have to dig these white things out to get it to heal 100% At 36 years old, after trying everything under the sun and moon, I believe I finally found a remedy. The diagnosis...yes I'm going to diagnose myself since Doctor's have failed miserably "it must be caused by yeast!" I've been able to kill the yeast in two ways, thus healing my skin. It's taken about two months to see the results, but now I'm a believer it's working, and I feel so wonderful I will not stop. I'm doing hydrogen peroxide therapy to detox the blood. And taking MSM to detox the liver. This kills the yeast along with all the other toxic stuff that builds up in your body after years of bad eating, stress, medications, etcetera. Because the white things under the skin have disappeared completely, I have not been provoked to pick. When I get the urge to mess around with a black head, I start playing with paper clips. Sounds silly I know, but I need to keep my hands busy. And I now exercise daily. I remove myself from boredom. This behavior has also helped with my stress and anxiety, which before was a trigger to pick and obsess over my skin. Purging the toxins from inside my body has had a miraculous effect on my Mental Health. OMG...I was honestly almost ready to give up and so depressed. Thank God for this. I feel like I've been given a second chance on life.

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August 03, 2015

these "white things"...did they look like kind of clear rice? were they the hair follicles themselves? that's my problem, I pull those out leaving holes in my face :(

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