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Tyrannosaurus_Reese , 26 Jul 2015

Scar Remedies?

Just wandered upon this amazing forum while I was looking for solutions to my problem and was figuring maybe someone has found anything that works for helping scars disappear (or appear less dark). They're all only a couple weeks to a month or so old, due to my last picking spree. I just would love to be able to wear shorts in this 100 degree weather but find it a bit awkward because my legs are now all spotted (with scars that is). It's very unhelpful when everyone around me says, "Just don't pick them and you won't get them!" as their answer. So I was hoping to find some advice that would be more useful to me because "just not picking them" is't really an option; they don't really understand it's not that easy.


1 Answer
July 28, 2015

I don't have any dark scars. Just one big skin colored crater in the middle of my forehead. Blah. Moving on. I've noticed through my own research of finding scar rememedies that there are lighting creams/ serums out there. I don't know how well they work but Google it and hopefully you'll find more info. Also you could look into a dermatologist that has laser options ( expensive I know- but just throwing it out there ) hopefully someone else has some more definitive info for you.

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