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babydog12 , 29 Jul 2015

Red bumps

Hi! Just made an account here after googling "how to heal wounds from skin picking" and came across a post about calamine lotion which I am currently covered in. Lol. I've been picking since I was about 14 maybe? I'm 21 now and still suffer from severe bouts of picking my keratosis pilaris, as well as the minuscule blackheads on my face that would otherwise be pretty much undetectable if left alone. I have searched countless times mostly for help healing my picking wounds, usually directly after the fact, and I've noticed that lots of people describe their own wounds in ways that I can't really relate to...talking about big wounds and scabs, etc. My issue is more with the quantity of the wounds, as in tons and tons of tiny red marks all over my body as a result of sitting and squeezing at my KP bumps for literal hours. It's like I'm in a trance once I start picking, and before I know it I snap out of it and 3 hours have passed and I look like someone who really REALLY enjoys smoking meth. The wounds are usually very close together (I never notice exactly where I'm picking the most while I'm doing it, as I said it puts me in a trance like state) bright red, and small, seemingly only on the surface of the skin, sometimes with very minimal bleeding. The picking is always the same, squeezing the KP bumps like you would a zit between 2 fingernails until it has "popped". The same goes for my face, only instead of KP bumps there are tiny blackheads or...I guess they're like oil deposits or something? I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced picking of this nature, and what can you do to heal the wounds quickly? The picking usually starts as a result of my anxiety, and once I find myself covered in the little red pocks I feel so ashamed that I can't bring myself to leave the house, it is so noticeable and all I can think about is my friends or my boyfriend seeing these wounds and picturing me hunched over squeezing at my arms like a crazy person. This particular round has left my breasts COVERED in the little red marks, absolutely sickening for me to even look at, I want to cry it looks so disgusting. As I said before I have just applied calamine lotion to the affected areas for the very first time and I am hoping and praying that it lives up to it's reputation. I have seen rave reviews about calamine lotion for skin picking wounds but I am still worried I will be disappointed by the results. Please let me know if you have experienced a similar kind of picking resulting in little red surface wounds that look sort of like chicken pox! Any ideas besides the calamine lotion that might help to heal them faster? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!!

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