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firelily64 , 31 Jul 2015

Help healing sores on your scalp?

I'm 20 years old and I've picked at my skin for around 6 years or so. It's stress induced (of course) and I was fine for a while, but recently, my stress level has dramatically increased and I've gone back to old habits. I started picking at my scalp due to dandruff, but dandruff shampoos never worked for me. I can't put anything on my scalp to condition it because it aggravates my acne on my forehead and temples. I've done so many things to try and heal it up so I can't pick at it, but nothing seems to work. Right now, my forehead looks like the moon because it broke out really bad and I picked at it. It's all trying to heal, but I'm trying to speed it up so I don't get the urge to pick at it so badly.

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