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Raheelly77 , 01 Aug 2015

Picking everywhere

I have been trying to manage my picking, I have good days and bad. I bite the inside of my cheeks, picks around fingers, face, scalp, neck, back, shoulders, arms, in nose. I also press down on my eye lashes to remove loose ones. I use my fingers to rub corners of my eyes to remove any buildup through the day. I at times compulsively floss as well. I have ADHD and OCD. I am on Vyvanse and Luvox. My picking is the worst symptom I have. My shoulders are covered in sores that I use antibiotic ointment on to prevent infections. I know how horrible the scars look but I just can't stop. I need some ways to stop wanting to pick. I am a perfectionist, I do not pick at normal skin just skin with imperfections.

3 Answers
August 09, 2015

I am so sorry about what you have been dealing with but I understand. You need to know that no outside force is causing this to happen to you, but only you are making this happen. I encourage you to find a healthy hobby you enjoy doing and treat it like a job. Know that you can't have that job if you pick your skin. You basically are quitting if you decide to pick.

October 12, 2015

Try "blister bandaids" (hydrocolloid) to cover and heal open scabs. It's impossible to pick when they are on, and they speed healing. I have some products that I have developed to speed healing after picking, but until I officially "launch" them, I can't share anymore about them. The key is to keep the area clean, don't use any products that may damage the new skin, and start treating the scars and discoloration right away. Blister bandaids come in sizes from the size of a dime up to a 1.5x1" rectangle. Larger hydrocolloid sheets can be purchased online.

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