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Aussiegirl , 24 May 2009

Diary of a Dermatillomaniac day 2&3

Day 2 Today was good. I was feeling really in control because of this 'reaching out' strategy. I started 'scanning' (where your hands roam all over your skin looking for spots to pick) this afternoon in the car managed to stop each time I relaized what I was doing. My hands just seem to do it of their own accord, and its a few moments before my brain catches up with them and I know that I'm doing it. Then it gets to the point when I can either force myself to stop or just choose to do it. I usually choose the latter when I'm particualarly stressed or think, "I'll just do 2 or 3" Inevitably this leads to a massive picking session. I'm feeling really positive about this strategy and I think this is the one that will beat it. I've got a few strategies to deal with THE URGE: 1. Be super-aware of my hands at all times 2. Do Tai Chi and Meditation every morning 3. If I feel the urge coming on: -do something with my hands (practise guitar, garden) -get out and do something, change mindset (go for walk, do shopping etc) -call someone and talk about it 4. Exfoliate and moisturise each day so skin heals and becomes healthier 5. Celebrate successes Day 3 Today was pretty easy. I still haven't had the urge as bad as I usually get it, although Day 4 is the one to watch out for. I've decided that if any pimples really need popping, I'll do it in the mornings when I'm more in control. I'm less likely to get sucked into a big session in the mornings. Otherwise I avoid the mirror.
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May 28, 2009
good strategies, thanks : ) Congrats on another day without picking! Today is day six for me!
September 11, 2009
I'm 58 and in the last year my skin and picking has gotten out of control. I am also a scab saver, but that just started a few days ago. It makes the picking worse b/c I "enjoy" seeing my "collection" grow. I can't believe I have gone down so low. I've told myself I should throw out the plastic bag where I am saving my skin, but for right now, the compulsion seems too strong. Since I began saving the scabs and bloddy skin I scrape off, I just want to pick more. This is worse than any coompulsive eating I have ever done because it's much easier to pick my skin anytime. I like the idea of a 12 step program for this. It worked for me for compulsive eating, but my skin is even more available to me than food ever was. Has anyone tried the method suggested on this site where you repeatedly say a "mantra" while reading a children's book?
September 18, 2009

In reply to by gorillamom

I'm 49 and you sound just like me. Wow! It is kinda comforting to read that someone out there does the same thing I do. I have done it since I was 6, but off and on and it has gotten really bad in the last 5 years or so. I don't save my scabs, but I have thought about it. I am very fascinated looking at them. I counted all my sores yesterday and the count came to a ridiculous 28. This is the worst it has ever been in my entire life! My arms are the worst with the scars - they look horrible and I hate wearing short sleeves. I'm going to a new counselor in two weeks and I plan to beg him for help to stop this horrible habit that seems to take over my life at times. What method are you talking about on the site? I need all the help I can get! Good luck to you. Please reply soon! Have a good day! Thanks.

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