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laauraa , 09 Aug 2015

Stomach scars

When I was about 12, I had little hairs beneath my tummy button and decided that I wanted to get rid of the excess hair; which was blonde.

It scarred where I had attempted to use a razor and tweezers, now I'm 17 and occasionally pluck the hairs out and it is still scarred.. Next year I will be going on holiday and I feel extremely self conscious about having my stomach on show.

Any treatments people recommend? It is now red and has small dark patches underneath my tummy button and I cannot stand the sight of it.

Please help.

3 Answers
August 09, 2015

I recommend seeing a dermatologist and insurance can possibly pay for laser treatments since it is affecting you mentally. If things prevent you from enjoying a social life it is considered to be very serious in the medical world. Keep vitamin E on it in the meantime and aloe vera gel. and of course don't touch it. :)

long road
August 13, 2015

You may not need laser therapy..just moisturizer kojic cream and time...Red will want moisture & vitamin E as the kind individual said above, and brown will need a skin lightener.

I also have a few dark spots on my stomach and this helped me a lot: For brown spots, I have been using cape fear naturals kojic acid cream (avoid hydroquinone and arbutin) for dark skin areas / spots and it works wonders over months' course and great in a years time. It works well once a day and once before bed, everyday. Over time it will fade down. When it dries i put some moisturizer over it and it rehydrates and continues to blend the skin tone. It is the best lightener I have tried. Kojic and time has helped me a lot. Always remember, you are beautiful!

October 12, 2015

You can use vitamin C serum to get rid of the scars.

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