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stader , 09 Aug 2015

white painful spikes

Wow... I hate to say this.. but im glad to hear that im not alone. These things hurt so bad... And once you pull them out OMG... The pain is gone.. it feels like getting a peice of glass out. And they bleed real bad t first. And then its over. It will not go away. It will not GET BETTER IF WE JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. SO ALL YOU ASSHOLES WHO DO NOT KNOW. FUK OFF NG IT ITWE ARE PICK OUT CAUSE THEY HURT SO BAD. when u tell us stop.. dont pick let it heal. U dont not understand .. every time you ignorit people say that shit we want to cry. Or hit you in ur face.

You r not alone.. it is not ur imagination. They r real.. they hurt so bad. Dont not give up. Get it out so it will heal up. Fuck them jerks. Yes u r not loseing mind. Please reply. We need to hear that this is real. For all of us. So some of us dont blow our brains out. Please share ur story. You might save a life.

I cried when i saw all these messages. God bless all of us . Urnot alone..

6 Answers
Paige Anderson
August 20, 2015

Nope they won't go away and from what I've read from other helpful posts on here they just aren't describing the same things. Mine isn't raised like a wart, not raised like a simple white head, not a bump either for me it's red, it's hot, it itches, it burns and hurt like hell until the plug thing is out. Could be one plug or many. They are deep and they are attached somehow so you can't just tweeze them out. The pain makes you think whatever is in there is huge but mine are rarely ever large at all. The best description I can give is an upside down white head and instead of coming outward it goes no where until you remove it and once it's out (unless it breaks) it literally starts to heal over night. We aren't talking a 10 day pimple or zit these can lasts months until all the cores are out. I had one for a year and once you've had these you will know if they are all out just by the feel and touch if it. I wish leaving them alone would work but sadly it doesn't

August 20, 2015

In reply to by Tuppence

As well as cutting out wheat and alcohol in the last few weeks, I cut out caffeine some years ago. When reintroduced, I got the white spikes , inflammation, pain, volcanoes etc. The spots I had recently before I cut out alcohol and wheat products were dried up using Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream which contains salicylic acid or aspirin which reduces inflammation. Wine contains sulphates and histamines that irritate the skin. Alcohol shrinks the pores, trapping sebum, depresses the immune system, changes hormone levels. One cause of acne is hormone imbalance.Sulphur dioxide is in beer and wine as a preservative and causes flare-ups for those with skin problems. It may activate reactions to other allergens such as wheat and sulphites. So avoid wine and beer, coffee, wheat based products, drink more water and see what happens.

September 19, 2015

Went back to having wheat and alcohol because it was pissing me off not being 'normal' and the spots came back. Not happy but it proves a point I suppose. This problem I have is inflammatory papulo pustular rosacea. It is a blood condition affecting people who flush brought on by certain foods, exercise, sunlight or hot baths. Food to avoid includes alcohol especially red wine, caffeine, which is in chocolate as well as coffee, tea and energy drinks; wheat, which is in pasta, cakes, pies, wraps, buns as well as bread; chili, curries, anything really that makes you hot or over excites the blood, making your face flush. When it does, splash cold water on your face. When you flush, the blood vessels can't take the strain and white blood cells pass through the vessel walls. This combines with an over production of sebum to form the white plugs or spikes.

September 19, 2015

The cells lining the hair follicle do not slough off as they should but instead block the follicle, causing spots.
Rosacea is typical in women who previously suffered from acne and is thought to be genetic.
Low dose Roaccutane or isoretinoin prevents hyper keratinisation, slows down sebum secretion and serves as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is reserved for only serious cases on the NHS. It can have serious side effects including depression, sensitive dry skin and liver damage.
I have found that cold sore cream acyclovir stops the itching and also dries up the spots.

September 19, 2015

Eating fresh green vegetables especially leafy varieties and eating fruit especially oranges can help clear up the spots. Also, eating apples can strengthen the walls of your blood vessels. Red wine does the same thing but of course drinking red wine is counter-productive as it causes the flushing that causes the spots.

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