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Tile911 , 21 Aug 2015

For 6 years

I've been picking at the bumps on my arms for six years. It has been an emotional and physical battle I've had to deal with since. Wearing long sleeves in the FL summers, getting questions on why I am dressed the way I am, getting weird looks when people see my scars. I see girls with amazing skin, they have no idea what it's like to not be able to live. To spend hours mutilating my body. Knowing it's bad, praying to God I can stop while doing it, but I keep doing it. I think when I pick my arms. When I'm going through a lot I find myself doing it to destress, almost like acupuncture. I've had microdermabrasion all over my arms. I've tried KP Duty and Amactlin. Nothing works. I've been on hormonal medication and that has made it even worse. I now have it on the sides on my knees and backs of thighs. I feel like no one can look at me as beautiful with arms like this.

1 Answer
August 26, 2015

For just having to courage to step up and say something is beauty enough. I'm also a Skin Picker/Eater and I feel better already for just talking to others about it

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