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MrSkin , 26 Aug 2015

Help Needed?

I have been eating and chewing on my skin for as long as I can remember. I have always had a problem with biting my nails as well. I believe I started doing it as a coping mechanism for rough home life and being the victim of bullying. I'm 37 years old and see no end to this behavior. I can't even recall how it started or how it has progressed from my fingers to the palm of my right hand only and the balls of both feet. I will actually pick large pieces of skin and may chew and then swallow. Once my patches are picked clean of useable skin (no blood or pain) I will keep larger or thicker pieces for another session until patch has regrown. Its weird to think of myself as a farmer and consumer yet that's what I seem to be. It saddens me that I can't show the bottom of my feet or palm of my hand when exiting the pool or ocean. I'm very self conscious about it and need help to stop. I'm very good at hiding it from everyone. Please Advise

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