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coya , 27 Aug 2015

looking for a buddy to help me stop

i'm female, 19, and been told im really cute and pretty. my face is my best feature and im destroying it.... :(
so far ive tried covering the mirrors, putting away the magnified mirror, etc. i can't go more than a week without doing it. i scan my face throughout the day with my finger tips, looking to squeeze any TINY pimples that arent even a big deal, and pluck eyebrow hairs before theyre even noticeable.
when i lived with my mom, she would take the tweezers away from me and hide them, but that only made things worse because when i couldn't find them i'd get super upset and use my finger nails, scratching my skin, pinching, squeezing, and tearing, and making it bleed.
i'll stand in front of the mirror for an hour at night and tell myself to stop, while still doing it....
it breaks my heart.
i feel like maybe since nothing else has worked, talking about it will help. i cant talk about it to any friends or family because no one understands.
if anyone is interested, id definitely be down to help you out as well as much as i can.
thank you guys

4 Answers
August 27, 2015

Hey Coya. That's what I'm doing. I'm trying to find others like me who have these distasteful obsessions. I didn't think I was the only one but I was suprised to see others talking about it. Just typing these few replies that I've done has lifted a little of the weight that I feel from my shoulders. Its beginning to give me hope that I can stop if there is a community of people who are in it for the same reason that I am. To quit and be able to enjoy a skin picking-free life. I hope I've helped.

August 28, 2015

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i found two videos online last night that really helped me stop.
although you aren't a female, i think they could still help you.
the first is this one:
ive managed to keep mine strictly to my face. so watching someone tear their entire skin apart aall over their body really broke my heart. today i went in the bathroom and didnt touch my face, i thought of this video in my mind and didn't want to.
the second video is of this beautiful girl:
from 8:30 - is my favorite part. i give props to this girl.
i also thought of her today when looking in the mirror and i didn't touch my face.
1 day down!! woo !!!

hope this has helped :)

August 28, 2015

Today is gonna be my first day of no picking. I have broken my addiction of hard drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. I know I can do this. I will check out the videos. Thanks for responding. Your the first and only to do so. Congrats on your win and push for another day. You can do it!!

September 17, 2015

Hey Coya, I'm a 19 yr old girl as well and I'm in the exact same boat...I've been picking since I was 11 and I'm in therapy right now which has helped a bit, but I still spend 5-45 minutes a day picking in front of the mirror. It's beyond frustrating and horrible for my self-esteem, and I'm so scared I'll never stop doing this to myself. I just want to let you know that I know exactly what you're going through and don't EVER give up, and I am here to talk if you ever need a friend - I think you're right that talking about it might help, especially with people who can actually relate (my family and friends are great but don't really understand). Stay strong and don't give up, you're not alone <3

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