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BibbyLost , 05 Oct 2015


I am suffering immensely with this overwhelming skin picking that I do. I'm starting to feel hopeless about it because I have seeked "mental health" help and I'm well adjusted on medications (have been since 2008). Within the last 2 years it has progressively gotten worse. My breasts are full of unsightly red/dark brown scars. They are awful and looking at them makes me want to throw up. I have slowed down on my face which has healed but my right arm, buttocks and breasts are destroyed. There are times I do it and don't feel any emotion, other times I feel I'm not controlling myself or my actions. I often avoid going out because I am way too self conscious about my appearance. I have had negative encounters with family and friends about it, where I was questioned and felt so ashamed. I know it's a disgusting thing but I can't stop myself. I used to really enjoy my life before it got turned upside down, I just feel I'm drowning more and more. It does at times consume me, once the thought is there my brain just won't let it go.

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