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keschmidt23 , 26 May 2009


so i pick my the bottom of my feet very badly. i do it when all the time. when i know it, and then when i don't know i'm doing it. i do it in my sleep. most of the time, whether awake or asleep i pick till i bleed and i usually keep going. i've tried socks with bandages under. i've taped my feet with socks over. i've taped socks on my feet. anything i can think of...i rip it off in my sleep and while awake and get to them. i've ruined my bedding with blood. it's been so bad where i cant walk for a day or two. i don't even want them to look smooth. i just want the skin. i've cut my nails off, but that doesn't work cuz then i look for "tools" to use. i've been doing this for almost 10 years now. i just turned 29 a couple days ago. i've tried therapy and meds. nothing seems to work. any ideas that may help? i'm tired of hurting myself. my friends and family all know.. my friends will see it when i don't realize it and remind me to stop. and my family is tired of finding the gross skin all over the house. i would too if i were them! HELP please! i'm so glad i found this site thank you!!!! k
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May 26, 2009
i can definitely feel your "pain"! i was a foot picker for some time and then i graduated and moved on to my face! at least it doesn't hurt when i walk now............i have posted a tip that works for me regarding my face picking and it may help with your feet picking also. have someone who loves you hide the tools you have and DO NOT buy more. get a foot file and wear enclosed shoes until the picking habit has been stopped. and for goodness sake, don't start picking anything else. this is something that we have to be strong enough to do together!

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