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Baggieblackcat , 19 Oct 2015

PLEASE HELP...I love being picked!

I'm really struggling here as I am yet to find people like me. There are many here who like picking skin...but for me, the huge addiction is that I like to be picked!!!

I get eczema and my hands get really dry. I adore having the skin picked off them. I find it really theraputic and get a nice tingle from the slight pain I may feel if the skin isn't quite dead.

In the past, my ex girlfriend would sit with my hand on her lap and just pick away, pulling the skin off and I loved it. I ask my current partner (of 8 years) to 'scratch my hand' or pick the skin, but she doesn't do it properly and I'm left to pick it myself.

Are there others out there like me who prefer to be picked than pick themselves? Even better, is there anyone out there who likes to pick other people's skin????

I'm getting really desperate now...sounds silly, I know! I just want to lie on bed of a night and let someone go to town on the dry skin on my hands!!!!

1 Answer
January 15, 2016

I've read this message over and over, it brought a lot of things up for me. I love to pick myself and others. When I have someone else to pick, I can stop doing it to myself completely. My ex used to let me pick his head and I still fall into a trance thinking about it. It was my perfect way to relax. I thought I was over it, but reading this has me obsessing over it again.

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