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icantstopeither , 26 May 2009

helpful tips

.............omg, I have been picking my face for over 5 years. I am 58 years old and I won't bother you with specifics, as you already know how I feel. I have found a few tips to help me and I wanted to pass them along. First, I have my nails done professionally and I find that I am unable to grasp the thin dead skin with the enhanced nails (I have silk overlay). My nails look fabulous but my face still suffers a little so I use Aquaphor (vaseline might work just as well and is much less expensive)to soften the dead skin. The combination helps but does not prevent me from picking. I have just discovered that this bad habit is considered a form of OCD and I was happy to find the site, however, unhappy to realize that so many of us suffer from this humilating condition. My husband is constantly slapping my hand! Hopefully some of you can benefit from the tips that I am passing along. If you have found something that has helped you, please pass along!
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May 28, 2009
thanks for the tips! : ) I also get my nails done for the same reason! Today is my 5th consecutive day without picking...

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