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LifeFromNJ , 26 May 2009

I've stopped picking for 3 days!

I stopped picking Friday night. I washed my hair really well so I'd have no excuses. Its been three days my scabs have closed and I was actually able to go get my hair cut without being embarrassed and was able to dye my hair without it causing pain. Hopefully I can keep it up. I've been really trying to pay attention to when I pick and stopping before I get to it. So far its been working. My anxiety goes way up when I stop myself but it fades after a few minutes. Its just getting over the initial part and then things are good to go. I'm happy about it, I feel like I actually have some control back.
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May 28, 2009
Congrats on 3 days! : ) Today is day 5 for me without picking. I know how good it feels to do things that our picking held us back from . My arms are starting to heal so now I was able to wear a tank today : )
June 08, 2009

In reply to by mamma

I have stopped picking my head completely....but now I find myself picking at other parts of my body. I pick at my chest, my arms, my legs, and my face. I didn't realize I was even doing it but i've started getting blood spots in my it continues.
June 10, 2009
Joined a few hours ago and I have not picked so far...Lord just get me through 5 minutes at a forehead has just been itching, itching.., I could almost see a cartoon with some miniature man at the site of my skin, holding a neon sign and tickling my skin with a feather to make it itch!! =)
July 18, 2011
Carebear Hugs I'm also a scab pickers had 2days n picked this morning out of stress. I use to use food to cope n escape. Some how picking seems to brings me safety when I feel uncomfortable but I don't like all the bleeding. I really do want to stop.

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