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DebFL555 , 03 Jan 2016

Emu Oil Really Works!

I have been picking for 10 years now with no end in sight. I bought some Emu oil to use as a moisturizer and have found a wonderful side effect. Emu oil has the following qualities:
Exceptional moisturizing

Since I've been using this oil it has helped with the swelling and redness and also causes scabs to form in record time. I've been able to remove scabs within less than a week. What is left behind is still somewhat pitted (if you have those weird plugs of hard pus) and red. With regular use, the redness is fading and the hard plugs are disappearing. The caveat is that you MUST not try to remove the scabs before they are ready or or attempt to squeeze out the plugs. You'll have to start over from square one if you do either of these things .Wait until the scabs are practically ready to fall off on their own. If picking the scabs is a trigger for you, you'll have to be careful. I have found the improvement in my skin is an excellent reason NOT to pick.

I have also added a fidget toy to keep my hands busy while watching TV and at bedtime. The combination of oil and toy are helping my skin to look better than it has in ten years! Emu oil is a bit expensive and MUST be organic. You can find an 8 oz. bottle at Amazon for about $30. (Dr. Adorable brand). I highly recommend this regime to add light to the end of that long, skin-picking tunnel.

2 Answers
January 07, 2016

Hey thanks for the tip! Happy for you that you've found something that helps!

February 01, 2016

Massaging oil really works i had tried different oil massages with massage palper-rouler from and that has helped me a lot and Now i would love to try Emu oil suggested by you and hope i get as amazing results as u got.

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