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shm521 , 11 Jan 2016

When you want to pick list--Helpful!

So I'm 20 years old and I've been picking the skin on my fingers for as long as I can remember. I've gone through phases when I've been able to control it a little, but eventually I always go back to picking. I think I've found something though that will help me stop for good. I made a list on my phone of things to remember/do every time I want to pick. Like to remember the time someone complimented my hands or to remember this kid that I know that told me she would stop picking her fingers if I did or to play with the bracelet I always wear. This way every time I want to pick, I can look at that list and remember all the reasons why I don't. I can also add things to it every time something new comes up. I hope you all out there find this helpful and good luck!

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