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Justlurking , 14 Feb 2016

The Aftermath- Cover Scarring

Hello all,

I have to say its unfortunate to meet you all under these circumstances, but none the less am happy to meet you. Hopefully we can help and support ea other.

After a bacterial infection + prescription of adderall for my ADHD diagnosis- I started picking. I wholeheartedly feel my medication- a stimulant- had much to do with this start up. I think if I had the bacterial infection alone- which provided much scabbing and wounds for a skin pickers paradise- I dont think I would have started picking. I think the combo of the two is what got it started. Since I have suffered from depression/bipolar/adhd/ocd- or WHATEVER-( I cant get a straight diagnosis all these years) Anyway I gripped onto picking during that combo of a circumstance as a way to psychological heal myself. From age 30 , after having a life of beautiful clear skin.... I devoured it. Finally at age 34 an after just being sick and tired of being sick and tired I started talk therapy and she suggested since I am of OCD nature that why dont I try to flip and reverse it and be obsessed with HEALING my skin... over aquaphor , bandaid, cal amine lotion, heal it and go out shopping for a skin care regimen and do the research of all the different kinds out there and have fun with it... and soon after that i was so disgusted with myself I just took on the new way of seeing things and its totally working for me! Not saying it will for everyone it seems easier said than done....but I honestly think its worked for me because I hit rock bottom and was ready....its almost like drugs or alcohol- the person needs to be ready and be serious about quiitting before they attempt a recovery or the efforts wont see progress. and I was just tired of it. I still suffer and pick a lil but catch myself....I finally have all my wounds closed and am on a daily skincare regimen ....but all this has left me with some scars and some rollingscar on one cheek.... I know this kind of scaring is hard to hide since its wavy but do any of you out there have any suggestions for foundation makeup for this kind of scaring? or makeup that is good for scaring in general? Or any tips on healing methods would be awesome. I wish all of you well and if you have any questions about my journey please let me know :)

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