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vocaloidfan02 , 18 Feb 2016

I can't talk about it but I need help.

Am I the only one who gets extremely emotional when trying to talk about their Dermatophagia? The one problem I need to talk about I can't even convey without thinking that's not their problem. I mean, I really need someone to talk to about this but my mind tells me they won't understand and I'm just pushing my problems on others. With my parents it's a little easier but instead of getting super emotional I go monotone and passive naturally because I'm so ashamed and tired of having the same talks with them. It's easier to act like it's not affecting me so they won't stress so much. Even with my boyfriend, I tried to tell him that I'm not getting better and it still bothers me but I ended up crying and I said "'s just really sensitive..we can just change the subject". If you guys feel anything like this I would so appreciate any comments. How can I talk about this honestly to others? And can I talk to you?

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