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Verdantly , 19 Feb 2016

Ear skin peeling/nose peeling for feelings of control?

I am relieved/horrified there are so many of us sufferers. I started picking at my ear when I got a terrible case of swimmer's ear and had to have my ears flushed. It felt--incredible. I lived how clean the insides felt. Over the last ten years, I've habitually used Bobby pins to scoop out my ear gunk. (Not too sure, but I'd say I've had a chronic yeast infection in my ears for a long time. It's never wax, just stinky puss/whiteish/yellowish sludge...prob from all of the scooping. Hubby is kind, but tells me when my ears are bad).

All of this was manageable. Then, when my first child was born, I would be up at night breastfeeding. Easy baby, but I was just worn out and feeling a little antsy. 2 AM, love ya kiddo, but let's do this so we can go back to bed! Well, I'd start itching my ear, rubbing my ear, then picking it, then PEELING IT! it felt so soothing. The sound, the feeling. Always the inside. Too vain to let anyone see it. But I did this whenever I was feeling stuck. Or anxious.

The peeling got so bad that I bled. Eventually they weren't just flakes. We're talking sheets of skin here. I started to chew on them since I couldn't just dust them into the floor.

Somehow...during my second pregnancy, I was convinced that I couldn't breathe out of my nose. And when I would get anxious or the now toddler wasn't sleeping, I would pick. Picking felt so good and I could breathe! So I started peeling the skin on the inside of my nose. I hAve long nails, so you can imagine how I accomplished this. Well, I picked too much one day and got a nosebleed.

Now, I chronically pick my nose/peel the inside of my nose till its bleeding pretty heavily, stop the blood, and then let the blood coagulate, blow my nose, and eat the blood. (Apologies if this is making your tummy lurch!!)

All this to say, I do the picking when I'm feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It's like a thing I can control. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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