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Tigerlilyxox , 19 Feb 2016

The possible answer for our damaged skin

I have been picking my skin for as long as I can remember. It got particularly bad 4 years ago. I tend to get horrible cystic acne, and can't seem to just leave it alone. I'll spend hours in front of the mirror just squeezing, rubbing, and damaging my skin. Only to leave me extremely anxious and depressed. Anyways, recently I decided to get a tattoo on my arm removed. After a laser session my skin gets pretty scabbed. The doctor prescribed a calm and correct serum from the company DermaMedics. This stuff is amazing, it heals my tattoo so nicely. The doctor also said I can use it on my face, and I cannot believe how fast it heals! I have a big scab under my chin and it's almost gone. From their website: The Calm & Correct Serum is a gentle silicone-based serum designed to moisturize rough and damaged skin and do so without further irritating it. Because the formulation is extremely mild, it can be applied to redness prone skin that is rough and damaged. Within minutes of application, the product will not only provide the moisturization the skin needs to combat dryness, but will help prevent moisture loss. It is well-knonw that skin that is under-moisturized and dehydrated cannot repair itself. Calm & Correct Serum contains two of the most skin-friendly, plant-derived oils available, squalane and jojoba oil. By combining these oils with a cosmetic silicone fluid base and DermaMedics’ patent-pending antioxidant, Therosol®, Calm & Correct Serum is the perfect choice for moisturizing dry, rough and damaged skin. The product is specifically formulated without emulsifiers and is thus non-irritating and so gentle that it can be used on even badly weathered and damaged skin. Thought I would share <3

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