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seaside , 29 May 2009

any skin rubbers out there?

hi. I'm Charlotte and I'm from London. I'm so happy to have found this site and relieved to find fellow sufferers! As a perpetual lamenting eczema sufferer, I don't actually scratch my skin with my nails but rub the surface with the pads of my fingers. This releases a satisfying roll of moisturiser and dead cells. I wondered if there was anyone out there who did the same? I'd love to hear from you. My back story must be pretty familiar: sexual abuse, domestic violence and self harm. I'm in a better place now (thanks to anti depressants and a great therapist) and i've overcome social anxiety, skin biting, a mild eating disorder and low self esteem. However, the skin rubbing and smoking habits seem harder to beat. I'm seeing a hxpnotherapist for the smoking and i'll be trying out all your fab tips for skin scratching too. Can't wait to hear from anyone with a similar problem. X

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