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Tay12 , 22 Feb 2016

HELP, big ugly raised scar

I need help I picked a pimple that wasn't ready on my chin and then it turned into an open wound with dry skin around it so I exfoliated it and then woke up with a big red rash around it that has now turned into a raised bumpy broken skin rash I do not know what to do and it's taken a huge toll on my confidence
I've tried tea tree and aloe Vera cream but I don't know wether to let it dry out or not. I can't cover it with makeup I can't even leave my house it's terrifying I need help please

2 Answers
February 28, 2016

I wish I could give you an answer, :(. I too myself have picked areas on my face to a point that when they heal they're a large white or red raised scar. And I can't leave them alone either just as I couldn't leave the pimple that started it all in the first place! I end digging out the scar tissue. And that's where I'm at right now but like other have suggested I'm going to the calamine lotion to the sores during the night and just trying to decide if I want to just leave them to open air during day or apply some sort of skin protectant or scar preventer.

March 31, 2016

Aquaphor! It's literally a healing ointment (that's what it's called). I've tried a million things that I've read on this forum or searching the internet and I am so surprised that no one had suggested this. I decided to try it on my own after seeing it was called healing ointment and seeing that it only has like 4 or 5 ingredients because I've tried other things that broke me out or made the spot I picked really red. Not only do I pick but I have sensitive skin. Aloe vera didn't even help for me. I definitely think you should try it, it's not expensive and it works. From one picker to another, I highly suggest you try it

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