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mfklaren686 , 23 Feb 2016

Praying for healing and strength for every one of you going through this disorder as I myself am!

Praying for healing is, I believe the greatest above all treatment, we are so lucky to be given the ability to heal by the Almighty, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It may not be in our time or as fast as we want it it, but we are healing. I've read sooooooo many of your stories and can relate to you all in some way whether small or big. I have pretty sever case of dermatillomania to my face but I tell you what, the more I learn and read about this disorder the lighter the problem seems to become. I am participating in this online program which has as well been a great help in letting me express myself and getting response of understanding and advice in return. Please never give up hope! I feel I have a ways to go but I see a glowing light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so impressed that so many of you have shared your sorrows, insecurities, problems, and solutions. You have know idea by doing that you are helping many others. God bless you all!! I love you all for you all because Jesus loves me for me. XOxO
If you are nonchristian please don't violate my opinion with hateful messages. I have just as much right to post above love as the next person. Thank you

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February 23, 2016

If I could post this message of positive to each and every one of you individually I would!

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